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13th March 2010
   Lou   Irene   Sue


Members of the Bude Surf Boat Club and Bude Running and Triathlon, (RATs), are celebrating after setting a new World Record.

The eight-strong, all female team are set to enter the record books after scaling the equivalent of Mount Everest on the specialist Versaclimber Sport climbing machine. Together, they climbed 8,848m in 2hr, 13min and 27sec, beating the previous record by just over 32 minutes.

A crowd of friends and family, as well as a group of independent witnesses gathered at the Aspire Fitness Pod in Bude to watch the record attempt and cheer on the team. Evidence of the achievement will now be sent to officials at Guinness World Records who will review and verify the claim.

The members of the Club chose to attempt the record after using the Versaclimber Sport as part of their training programme. It has previously helped the Bude Runners surf boat team on their way to securing the coveted titles of Summer Series Champions, UK Champions and European Champions.

Used by athletes across the country, the Versaclimber Sport provides a step to climb ratio of 1:1, resulting in a zero-impact total body workout. Its standard hydraulic resistance can also be altered by up to 227kg to play an integral role in the fitness regimes of gym users and professional sportspeople.

Commenting on the new World Record, Kelvin Turner, sports conditioning coach for the team,

“This was a real team effort and we’re all thrilled to have beaten the previous record by such a significant amount, reaching an average speed of 217ft per minute.

“Preparations for the attempt have played a vital part in our winter training and it’s helped to ensure that the team is in peak physical condition ahead of the 2011 season.

“The record breaking doesn’t end here and we’re already planning to take on a special 12 hour challenge in September.”

Neil Kelford, managing director of Versaclimber UK, added: “The Bude Runners and other members of the Bude Surf Boat Club and RATs team really are at the top of their game and we’re happy to hear that the Versaclimber Sport has played such a vital role in that.”

“To make it into the record books is a fantastic achievement and it goes to show what’s possible with the right equipment and training programme.”

The competing team members were; Anna Tanner (BSBC), Terri Hopper (BSBC), Louise Paton (BSBC), Emma Bartrop (BSBC, RAT), Sue Roper, (BSBC, RAT), Nic Hammond, (RAT), Isobel Waterhouse, (RAT) and Irene Thompson, (RAT)

For more information on Versaclimber UK, visit and further information regarding Bude RATs can be found at

Anna     Emma      Terri      Nic

10th February 2011
Bude Surf Boat Club announce world record attempt.

From Bude & Stratton Post

Bude Surf Boat Club get ready to scale new heights

Members of the Bude Surf Boat Club are in training for a world record attempt that will see them scaling the equivalent of Mount Everest on a specialist climbing machine.

The eight-strong, all female team is preparing to make the attempt in March on the Versaclimber Sport and beat the current record of 8,848m in two hours, 45 minutes and 53 seconds, set by a group from Fusion Gym, Bude in September 2006.

The Versaclimber Sport is used by athletes across the country and provides a step to climb ratio of 1:1, resulting in a zero-impact total body workout. It has already played a vital role in the club’s training regime and has helped the Bude Runners team on their way to securing the coveted titles of Summer Series Champions, UK Champions and European Champions.

Out of a total of 20 races in the 2010 season, the Bude Runners secured 16 outright wins, one joint first and three second places, netting a total of 178 points, which is the highest total ever achieved by  a female crew.

“Training during the winter months is vital to make sure that everyone is in peak physical condition for the new season,” commented Kelvin Turner, sports conditioning coach for the Bude Runners. “The record attempt is a great way to channel the competitive nature of the team and make sure they’re on top form to retain their titles from what has been an outstanding season.

“I have the ethos of train hard, race easy and the Versaclimber sport helps to push the team to the next level, which is why I wanted it form the basis of the record attempt.”

Surf boat racing is an extreme sport that involves a five-strong crew starting each race waist deep in the sea, holding their boat head onto the waves. At the sound of the whistle, the team jumps into their seats and battles through the surf to reach a buoy 400 metres out to sea, before returning to shore and sprinting to a flag on the beach to finish.

Neil Kelford, managing director of Versaclimber UK, added: “Surf Boat Racing is obviously a very physically demanding sport, so we’re delighted that the Versaclimber Sport helped the Bude Runners and other members of the Bude Surf Boat Club on their way to victory last season.

“We’ll all be rooting for them in March when they take on the height of Everest in the world record attempt.”

For more information on Versaclimber UK, visit Additional information on the Bude Surf Boat Club can be found at

30th January 2011
Winter fitness training continues for members of Bude Surf Boat Club.

Members of the club are pictured with trainer Kelvin Turner outside Aspire Fitness Pod

25th September 2010 UKSRL - Summer Series Round 5 BOURNEMOUTH, DORSET
Bude Runners score a hat trick and add the title of Summer Series Champions to their titles of UK Champions and European Champions.
After another impressive round of races, the Runners end the season with a series total of 16 outright wins, 1 joint first and 3 second places out of the 20 races held. This gives them a score of 178 out of a maximum available 185 points. - The highest ever achieved by a womens crew.
Bude Barracudas have another great round and finish the series in 4th place. (An impressive position given that they missed one round completely.


Sue Roper

From Bude & Stratton Post
Clean Sweep for Bude Runners
On Saturday 25th September 2010 The Bude Runners (Jessica Lynes, Emma Bartrop, Sue Roper, Louise Paton and sweep Mark Bannister) competed in the fifth and final round of the UK surf rowers league in Bournemouth.  It was to be the culmination of an emphatic season for the team from Bude Surfboat Club.   As they set out into the 2 foot surf to row the last four races of the year, their opponents were more determined than ever to take at least one win from them.  Their closest rivals this year, Porthtowan Pure Blue, gave everything in the first heat to successfully take a win but the Bude ladies raised their game and won the next two.
With four golden point finals to their name, The Bude Runners had set their sights on winning the fifth to make it a clean sweep for the season.  After a hard slog out to the buoys and back for the last time, there was little to separate The Runners from Pure Blue on the rowing.  The final was to be all down to the sprint to the flag once the boats hit the beach.  Both bow rowers jumped from their boats simultaneously but Sue Roper wasn't about to let the last Golden Point of the year go to another team.  She clinched the touch on the flag with a convincing metre to spare!
Bude Runners therefore finished this year's summer series with a staggering 178 points out of a possible total of 184, first place in every golden point final and a league title for the first time in the history of Bude Surfboat club. Watch for news of winter training and the chance to have a go at surfboat rowing on the club web site   


11th September
2010 UKSRL - Summer Series Round 4 TOLCARNE BEACH, CORNWALL

Bude Runners win 3 out 4 races, increasing their lead to an awesome 22 points. 
Bude Barracudas win 1 heat and placed 2nd behind the unstoppable Porthtowan Blue Bali in the other 3 races.

Bude Runners at Tolcarne
Bude Runners at Tolcarne

From Bude & Stratton Post
Bude Surfboat Club strive to secure the league.

The Bude Runners, who crew for Bude Surfboat Club, travelled to Tolcarne Beach on Saturday 10th September to take part in the penultimate round of this summer's UK Surf Rowers league.  Joined by a team supporters from their club, the ladies crew earned themselves almost the maximum possible points towards their league total by taking two firsts and a second in the heats.  With perfect  conditions for surfboat racing, the crew successfully negotiated the three to four foot surf in the final to win the golden point and further extend their lead in the league.  With one event left in this year's summer series, The Bude Runners are 22 points ahead of their nearest rivals Porthtowan.  All of the crews will meet for the last time this year in Bournemouth on 24th September 2010 when The Runners will endeavour to bring the league trophy back to Bude for the first time in the history of the club.  For more information about the club, visit

Photo: Mark Bannister sweeps his crew (Emma Bartrop, Sue Roper, Jessica Lynes and Louise Paton) out through the surf at Tolcarne Beach.

28th August 2010 - European Surf Rowing Championships WIJK AAN ZEE, HOLLAND
Bude Runners win Gold! After 2 years of 2nd place, the Bude ladies regain their 2007 title of European Champs. 
Bude Barracudas relinquish their 2009 Champions title and return from Holland with a very respectable Bronze.

  Gold Medallists
Emma Bartrop, Sue Roper, Mark Bannister Jessica Lynes & Louise Paton
From Bude & Stratton Post
The Bude Surfboat Club have returned victorious from the European Surf Rowing Championships and are now the European champions!

On Saturday, August 28, rowing teams from Holland, France, Italy and Great Britain took part in the fourth annual European Surf Rowing Championships held at Wijk aan Zee, The Netherlands.
Having won the UK Open Championships in July, the Bude Runners from Bude Surfboat Club were determined to be the team to win the trophy but with experienced stillwater crews from Holland taking part and the strong possibility of flat seas, the title was open for anyone to win.
The mens and ladies crews arrived at Noordpier, Wijk aan Zee, to prepare for the event but had to take shelter in the Timboektoe Surf Club whilst a huge thunderstorm passed over.
This was followed by a strong on shore wind that brought with it choppy, unpredictable surf and made conditions look more favourable for the Bude team who are experienced at rowing in surf.
As the racing buoys were being set and teams were preparing for their warm up rows, the wind strengthened again and conditions at sea deteriorated and safety staff began to question whether or not crews should be going out.
The Welsh mens crew Llantwit Major launched their boat to face the white water and howling onshore wind whilst crews on the beach watched with interest to see how they coped. As the safety crew and competitors watched them get rolled in the rapidly worsening conditions, the organisers felt it was time to call a stop to the event and find an alternative venue.
Fortunately, Ijmuiden Beach, to the south of Noordpier, was sheltered enough behind the harbour wall to relocate the contest and by 3pm the ladies event was underway. The advantage now lay in the hands of the Dutch flatwater crews as the shelter provided by the harbour wall was such that there was hardly any surf to row out through.
However, true to form this season, the Bude Runners were not going to take any prisoners and set out as they meant to go on in the heats by winning the first race. In the second heat they were beaten into second place by their old rivals Perranporth but came back in the third to take first place again.
With a small swell picking up to provide the chance of catching a wave after turning around the buoy, members of the Bude team could barely let themselves believe that the gold was within their grasp.
Under the expert guidance of their sweep Mark Bannister, the four ladies, Jessica Lynes, Sue Roper, Emma Bartrop and Louise Paton, rowed a text book race with well rehearsed starts and turns. They led the final from the start and, whilst other teams were starting to show signs of tiring, the extra fitness sessions taken in preparation for the event began to pay off for the Bude Runners.
By the time the ladies had rowed out to the buoy they had a two boat length lead over the other teams and this was extended on the return leg of the race by utilising the small surf to pick up their boat speed.
Sue Roper jumped from the bow of the boat to sprint for the finishing flag on the beach to secure the gold medal position and European title. Perranporth Raiders and Dutch Delight were left to battle it out for silver and bronze positions with a neck and neck sprint for the finishing flags.
The Cornish team from Perranporth were awarded second place with the Dutch flat water ladies taking third.
The team captain from Bude Runners, Jessica Lynes, attributes their gold medal winning performance to the fact that the team have worked together for four seasons with dedicated rowers and a very talented sweep.
She said: “We couldn't have done it without the help of our fitness instructor Kelvin Turner whose motto is 'to train hard and race easy'! I'm not sure that it was easy but the extra sessions at Aspire Fitness Pod certainly paid off.”
Bude Surfboat Club also have a mens team made up of flatwater rowers from Bristol who compete for the club. Mark Bannister swept for their crew in the championship and despite worsening sea conditions and plummeting temperatures at the end of a long day, they secured bronze medal position.
Thanks must go to Phil Martin who founded Bude Surfboat Club and who's dedication to the sport has made it all possible. For more information about the club, please visit


24th July 2010 - UK Open Surf Boat Championships SAUNTON SANDS, DEVON
Bude Runners regain the trophy they last held in 2008 by gaining Gold at this year's competition.
Bude Barracudas get Silver for the second year in a row.
Bude Flyers just miss the medals with 4th place.

 Bude Runners UK Champions
Bude Runners - 2010 UK Open Champions
From Bude & Stratton Post
'Oarsome' results for Bude Surfboat Club

On Saturday 24th July, Bude Surfboat Club sent two ladies crews to compete in the Open Surfboat Championships at Saunton Sands.  Concern over visiting flat water rowers and guest French teams were soon laid to rest during the heats as the Bude Runners and the Bude Flyers both worked hard to secure places in the final. 
With the tide on the push and choppy conditions, the five finalists set off for their last race of the day.  The course was long and all of the crews had to dig deep to get out through the messy surf and row the distance to the buoys.  The Bude Runners turned around their buoy first to start the final haul back to the beach, closely followed by Perranporth, Porthtowan and The Bude Flyers.  Stamina became the key ingredient  for success as there were very a few waves big enough to give the teams a ride back to the finishing flags on the sand.  Fitness sessions in the gym with Kelvin Turner paid off for The Bude Runners as they pulled away from the opposition and reached the beach first.  Bow lady, Sue Roper, jumped into the shallows and sprinted for the flag securing the gold medal position for her team.  Meanwhile, the silver and bronze medal postions were being fought out between the other crews.  The ladies from Perranporth hit their form and secured silver medals whilst The Bude Flyers, who had a fantastic race, were sadly pipped to the flags by Porthtowan who took the bronze medal position.  With a crew that has only recently started rowing together, The Flyers (Sarah Penny, Terry Hopper, Kirsti Hodgeon and Naomi Hatcher and Sweep Phil Martin) put on a great performance - they narrowly missed out on a medal position to last years National and European Champions, Porthtowan. 
The Bude Runners (Jessica Lynes, Sue Roper, Emma Bartrop, Louise Paton and Sweep Mark Bannister) are in their fourth season of rowing as a team and, having won the Open Championships in 2008, were more determined than ever to bring the trophy back to Bude.  Pictured here winning their gold medals and being presented the Open Championship trophy for 2010, the team now begin their campaign to win the European Championships which are to be held in Holland at the end of August. 
For more information about surfboat rowing visit or 

10th July 2010 - UKSRL Summer Series Round 3 WATERGATE BAY, CORNWALL
Bude Runners increase their lead in the series to 18 points by winning all four races yet again.
Bude Flyers pick up a further 6 points maintaining their position in 5th place just behind Molesey Maidens
Bude Barracudas move up to 4th place in the series

19th June 2010 - UKSRL Summer Series Round 2 SAUNTON SANDS, DEVON
Bude Runners win all three heats and the golden point to extend their lead to 10 points over their nearest rivals.
Bude Flyers make a start to the season and achieve a series position of joint 5th.
Bude Barracudas slip down to 5th place in the series after failing to row at this event.

 Tasha at Saunton
Tasha Jones races to the flag for Bude Flyers at Saunton
From Bude & Stratton Post
Clean sweep for Bude Surf Boat Club

The Bude Runners have made an awesome start to the UK Surf Rowers League this season by earning a 10 point lead after only two rounds.  The latest round was held on Saturday 19th June at Saunton Sands and saw the ladies team from Bude Surf Boat Club win all three of their heats and finish the day by winning the Golden Point final.
The Bude Flyers, also from Bude Surf Boat Club, overcame injury and illness for this second round competition and are currently in 5th place in the league. Terry Hopper, Sarah Penny, Sophie Abbott and Tasha Jones had more than points to celebrate this weekend as their sweep, Phil Martin, received news of the birth of his beautiful grandaughter on the beach during the competition. 
The next league event is to be held at Watergate Bay in three weeks time. Details of the club can be found at

5th June 2010 - UKSRL Summer Series Round 1 PORTHCAWL, WALES
Bude Runners start the season well with a 2 point lead over Porthtowan Pure Blue.
Bude Barracudas also start well trailing just 1 point behind winners Porthtowan Bali Blues.
Bude Flyers did not race at this event.

 Barracudas at Porthcawl
The Barracudas new strip assures them maximum visibility for the 2010 season

Bude Runners star on the 2010 Surf Rowers League poster
 2010 Poster

26th April 2010 - 10Km Truro River Boat Race TRURO/FALMOUTH
Bude Barracudas take first place in the men's event.
Bude Runners also achieve first for the women's race.
Bude Flyers take 5th place.
 Barracudas at Truro
Bude Barracudas victorious at Truro